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Tata Communications is introducing InstaCompute, its cloud computing service, to Singapore.

We ask Tata Comm’s Sridhar Ramaswamy why InstaCompute is suitable for Singapore-based startups, what it has to offer that’s different from the other cloud services out there, and how companies can get a free trial.

Sridhar heads marketing services for Tata Communication’s global data and mobility solutions group.

Who is InstaCompute for?

Sridhar: For companies doing application test development — those looking to quickly design, code, test and deploy software solutions. For quick capacity expansion on hosted web applications, or temporary computing needs for short-term projects or even event-based applications.

Startups — whether in an incubator or a university dorm room — should try InstaCompute through one of our specially structured free trials. Get up to three months free through our trial packages. You can sign up at our website or come to Founders Drinks Singapore on Wednesday where we can sign you up.

What does InstaCompute offer Singapore-based companies?

Sridhar: Our data centre is based in Singapore so end-users here will see significantly reduced latency. The Singapore data centre also means that companies who need local infrastructure for legal compliance reasons will get it.

We also offer free local support in Singapore, so this means you can pick up the phone and speak to one of our support staff easily.

Why should a startup pick InstaCompute over one of the many cloud services out there?

Sridhar: We sell the full range of IT services. This includes cloud computing, traditional managed hosting, and telecommunication services. Customers get the benefit of our full level of integration.  Plus we offer free local support, over phone and email. Our service is an easy on-boarding process with a simple pricing model. The system gives companies enhanced business governance controls.