Despite the removal of Flappy Bird by creator Dong Nguyen and its absence for about a month, more developers are churning out clones of the platformer on the Apple App Store.

According to a Pocket Gamer report, 60 Flappy Bird clones are added on an average every day to the digital marketplace. Specifically, 69 games were added on February 28, 48 games were added on March 1, 75 games on March 2, and 49 games on March 3.

This leads to the conclusion that one Flappy Bird clone is created and made live on the App Store every 24 minutes. The copycats have ingenious names like Splashy Fish, Flappy Devil and Funny Chicken – Bird Adventure. Some even mock pop culture and film stars like Air Bear Grylls, Bieber Fever Max, Flappy Miley Wrecking Ball Pro and Flappy You: Fly Your Face.

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The kicker to all of this is that the process of making a clone is easy: users can get the Flappy Bird template code from Chupamobile and figure out the tutorials/graphic-replacement techniques from there. Nonetheless, e27 would like to ask these budding developers to refrain from exploiting this scheme and refocus their efforts on making original games from there.