Have you ever wished, while out in a park or close to a vista alone, that you had someone or something to video-record a pan shot of you in that moment? With this upcoming project from startup Squadrone System, you may not need a buddy or a camera crew to be along for the ride.

The company is building the Hexo+, a flying drone that records and takes pictures of you autonomously. Basically, it’ll fly around you taking glamorous aerial shots of you either admiring the view or doing rigorous outdoor activities. The perspective used by aerial footage makes action shots look really dynamic and plain cool. So rather than buying a helicopter and having some guy strapped onto a rope, just get the Hexo+ for way less than that outlandish plan.

Squadrone System Founder Xavier De Le Rue said that because many athletes and film directors did not have an easy and light method of filming aerial shots, his team created the six propeller that works in sync with an iPhone app. It takes one touch on the app to position the drone and frame the shot. The drone autonomously tracks the subject and reposition itself depending on how fast the subject travels. It’s tailored to be easy for the user to handle and designed to be carried around as its frame and legs are foldable.

Head past the 1:53 mark on the video below to see a few examples from the mundane to the exhilarating.

Ambassadors who would champion the product include stuntpeople and extreme sportspeople like pro freestyle motocross rider Mat Rebeaud and pro snowboarder John Jackson. Even if it has that and 28 days left on its Kickstarter project, people did not need that much convincing to throw money at the project.

It is currently at a high US$363,974 and is way above its pledge of US$50,000. We wager that drones are just pretty goshdarn cool to own and get your aerial shots taken with. If you’d like something like this, you can either pledge US$329 and get the DIY kit to build it on your own next January, or get your good-to-go Hexo+ drone for US$549.