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Andri Yadi, CEO & Founder, Jepret Allegra Image Credit: KompasTekno

It all began from a desire to make his wedding day celebration more unique. There Andri Yadi saw a problem that led him to become CEO and Founder of Bandung-based photo-printing service app and machine Jepret Allegra.

Named after the sound cameras make when it takes pictures, the Indonesian startup aims to make photo printing easier and more convenient at events such as wedding parties.

“Most wedding photographers only accommodate photo requests from the bride and groom and their family. The guests are left to their own devices,” says Yadi, as reported by KompasTekno in early August at a PopCon Asia 2015 event.

Most wedding organisers attempt to fix this particular wedding woe by installing a photo booth for guests. But this brings up another issue as it usually ends up creating a long waiting line, requiring at least a 15-30-minute wait for your turn. And it does not include the amount of time needed to print the photographs.

But with the IoT-based autonomous printing machine that Yadi has created, wedding guests can now eliminate queuing for photographs from their guest duties. All they have to do is take photos with their own smartphone, upload it on social media platforms, then tag it with a hashtag that the organisers have provided. Jepret Allegra will detect all photos tagged with said hashtag and print it automatically in only eight seconds. Voila! Guests can go to the booth to pick up their printed photos.

After applying the concept to his own wedding in March 2014, Yadi began to receive queries from friends and families about the app. Even the wedding organisers decided to use the concept for another client, prompting Yadi to turn it into a profitable business. At IDR 4 million (US$284) for three hours, customers get to enjoy Jepret Allegra complete with two on-site operators and an unlimited stock of photo papers. The event organiser also gets to gather all the photos tagged with the hashtag.

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It began with a feature phone

Jepret’s social media picture service has actually been around since 2012 as a feature phone app. “It was very much like Instagram, only for a feature phone,” explains Yadi.

The app went out of the market as demands for feature phones decreased. It was not until that fateful night at his own wedding that Yadi finally found a reason to bring it back from the grave. In December 2014, he launched Jepret Story, a photo-sharing smartphone app that allows users to share photos more easily.

“For example, when you are going on a holiday with friends. You and your friends can agree on a single hashtag for the holiday. Photos from various devices will then be kept in the same cloud server. There is no longer the need to send photos to one another’s devices,” Yadi elaborates.

Jepret has now grown into three separate business lines under DyCode – Jepret Story, Jepret Cloud and Jepret Allegra. Each aims to fulfil different needs of the customer and works in sync to support one another.

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Plans to monetise

Apart from wedding organisers, Jepret Allegra is also available for marketing and promotional events. A great example would be utilising the app to promote a cafe or a restaurant.

“Visitors can take selfies in the restaurant and upload it with the provided hashtag. Then, before they go home, they can have their photo printed. They can play their part in making the restaurant more famous by using the hashtag,” says Yadi.

Yadi mentioned that there are at least two cafes in Bandung, West Java, that have been using the service. The Allegra is only available for rent at the moment. “We only have six of them; that is why we can only use them for rent. You see, all these machines are handmade,” he shares. For the future, Yadi aims to sell Jepret Allegras, instead of just renting it out.