Not A Basement Studio‘s app, Manga Rock, reaches a million downloads, launches dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account to gather feedback from users.

Not A Basement Studio announced yesterday that their Manga Rock app has hit a million downloads since they launched it two years ago. The Manga Rock apps has three versions, Manga Rock, Manga Fox and Manga Unity.

According to Not A Basement Studio cofounder, Tran Trung Hieu, the first Manga Rock is the most popular app with over 500,000 downloads and 50,000 active users in March 2012. An average user opens the Manga Rock apps three times per day and spends over 10 minutes on it each time.

Other than Manga Rock, Not A Basement Studio also have a couple of notable apps in their portfolio. The Vietnamese team pitched Wikly, a calendar app that focuses on design and usability, at the 2011 Singapore Satellite. Since then, the team has also launched Comic Express and Fuzel.

If you are a Manga Rock user, or a fan of manga in general, do check out the app’s Facebook page and Twitter for the latest updates and to share your feedback. Read more about Manga Rock’s milestone here.