November 15

If you only have the commute from work to home to get updated on today’s tech news, don’t worry. We got you. Here are the top news today — both from e27 and elsewhere — to catch you up.

From the ground

When you have a row with your lessor  [e27]

Sources alleged that the recent Lattice80 relocation and subsequent rebranding of 80 Robinson Road to 80RR may have been a result of a major fallout between Marvelstone Group, who runs Lattice80, and Hong Leong Group, who owns the building. Aforementioned parties are not officially commenting, confirming, or denying anything, but Hong Leong Group representative has mentioned the involvement of their lawyers. This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

The latest on Go-Jek’s acquisitions [Dealstreet Asia]

Indonesian consumer and ride-hailing giant Go-Jek is said to have acquired a majority stake in Kartuku for an estimated deal size upwards of US$50 million. Kartuku is a payment service provider that offers end-to-end payment solutions to over 150 locations in Indonesia. Both Go-Jek and Kartuku are keeping quiet about the reported deal, though report sources within Kartuku admitted to a partnership without confirming an investment.

Today in Fintech

Cooperation agreements [MAS]

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has signed a FinTech Cooperation Agreement with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. The Agreement enables the two regulatory bodies to refer and outline the support given to fintech companies with their counterpart, as well as lays out plans for joint innovation projects.

MasterCard has its own blockchain-based money transfer solution [TechCrunch]

Global financial services giant MasterCard has filed a patent for a “Method and System For Instantaneous Payment Using Recorded Guarantees.” Their abstract for filing the patent do not mention blockchain, but people who know how the technology works may find the steps detailed in the patent’s abstract to be somewhat familiar. The link above has more details.

Fundings and acquisitions

iCar Asia raises US$19.3M [e27]

iCar Asia is a Malaysia-based company that owns and operates seven automotive portals across three countries. They use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in aiding customers in buying cars and claims to have 8 million car buyers and sellers across Southeast Asia every month.

iCandy to purchase mobile games for US$3.8M [e27]

ASX-listed mobile entertainment company iCandy has announced the acquisition of 318 mobile games from app developer Animoca, which is also listed on the ASX. iCandy focusses on publishing games for mobile devices, and is headquartered in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore.

Maoyan raises US$150M [Reuters]

The China-based ticketing platform has secured 1 billion yuan funding from internet giant Tencent Holdings. Maoyan is one of the largest ticketing platform in the world’s second largest movie market, and claims to control 65 per cent of its online movie ticket market.

Featured image credit: bychykhin / 123RF Stock Photo