Now install apps from within a tweet on Twitter

Advertisers can now drive mobile app installs and engagements on Twitter. The mobile app promotion allows developers to breakthrough clutter

By Shiwen Yap

On the left: Promoted Tweet with App Card On the right: Install notification

On the left: Promoted Tweet with App Card On the right: Install notification

Twitter has rolled out its mobile app promotions programme to advertisers globally. The new service allows app developers to embed ‘Install’ function within a tweet to distinguish themselves from the clutter on app stores.

The programme had been in Beta for quite some time and had been testing the service with selected advertisers. According to Twitter, the testing phase showed positive results, and that clients were able to drive a large volume of cost-effective downloads.

App promotions
The new mobile app promotion service leverages on existing capabilities of Twitter, allowing the campaign to be optimised to a targeted audience on the basis of interest searches, keywords, demographics, gender, geography, mobile systems and other elements.

Developers and marketers can further customise the creative aspects of the tweet (essentially and advertisement) in the form of Promoted Tweets and App Cards, which can be linked to Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Further on, developers and advertisers can track ‘install’ conversion — installs and other in-app conversion events —  to measure the efficacy of the campaign. Twitter has partnered with mobile measurement companies such as AppsFlyer, Fiksu, Grab and Hasoffers, among others, to facilitate the stats.

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