For years now, e27 has been your go-to source for on-the-ground reporting of the Southeast Asia startup scene.

Our Content Team has largely been driven by a strategy of “getting on that grind”. The idea behind this ethos is that the day-in day-out articles will help provide the ecosystem with a clear picture.

Overall, it has benefited e27 and helped us differentiate ourselves from the competition. When we receive positive reader feedback, usually it regarding how we handle news. Our news is straightforward and without emotion, which people seem to enjoy.

However, a drawback of this strategy is it is slightly off from the actual mission of e27, which is, “To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies.”

e27 will always be a place to read news, but we also want it to be resource to answer questions, find events, hire employees and meet the community.

This is why we are proud to announce the launch of e27 Academy Online.

What is e27 Academy Online?

There are a lot of technical questions in the startup community that go without answers. For example, when we talk about getting investment, in public we usually talk about abstract ideas like grit, ‘the team’ and vision.

But what about actual steps that can make a big difference? Should I fundraise over three months? Or suspend my other duties and fundraise over three weeks of double-time effort? What if an investor says no? Should I try to convince them?

These are the questions we hope to answer.

Other examples include, “How do I build a freemium business model?”, “How do I navigate a failing startup?” and “How do I build a professional pitch deck?”.

You get the idea.

The first batch

We plan on publishing two Academy articles every Monday and Wednesday. This is what we meant in the teaser article about “building the airplane“.

Today, to give an idea of what readers can expect, we have published four articles for your perusal. Let’s give a little preview.

Setting up shop in Indonesia: What you need to know about business registration

For most young companies, their first interaction with corporate bureaucracy comes during the incorporation. While some systems are more of a headache than others, typically the process is filing a bunch of paperwork through the proper channels.

A major challenge is just knowing where to start. This article is would be a good place. We break down the basics, and help you understand where exactly to look.

Tokens 101: How they work and where they provide value

Whether you believe in blockchain or not, the technology is not going away anytime soon. So, it’s important to understand one of the most important aspects of the technology: tokenisation.

A lot of e27 readers understand that tokens are a thing, and how they can be used, but most people only have a cursory understanding of the tool.

Consider this article a crash course in tokens. If you are keen to get into the subtleties of the tech, this is a great place to start.

A guide to navigating, and hopefully saving, a struggling startup

If a startup is failing, it is quite common that the Founder has no idea what to do (because, if they did, the startup would no longer be in a tailspin). The most important part of this situation is to not panic.

There are a few tactical steps an entrepreneur can take to identify the problem. We outline the important procedures to help solve the problem.

Crucial documents for every Singapore-based startup [Contributor Programme]

Do not simply think e27 Academy is restricted to employees. We know that there are many people out there with a more in-depth domain knowledge than we could ever hope to have.

This is why we want you!! Are you an expert in marketing? Do you pay the rent by handling the accounting? What about vertical-specific advice?

Write for us via our Contributor Programme! Do not overthink it, if the article does not fit Academy, we can still consider publishing it as per normal.

This is not just about online

Academy is a core part of the future of e27, so there is no way the Echelon team would be left out.

This November 28-30, we will be hosting a three-day, two-night event targetting early-stage Founders.

We will have mentors who are not there just to give a talk, they are there to provide real, actionable, advice. Think cap tables, fundraising documentation and marketing 101.

Equally as important, this provides an opportunity to build the web of support that will be crucial moving forward. Running a startup is hard, so making sure you can reach out to fellow Founders is one of the most important steps for any entrepreneur.

For more information, visit our landing page here.

And finally

Thank you to all of the startups, investors and community members who helped us launch this product. The most heartening parts of this process was pitching it to stakeholders and having almost immediate enthusiastic support.

As we continue to say, e27 is nothing without the ecosystem. When we feel moments of pride, it is imbued with humility because we would never get close without your help.

Many thanks. As always.

Featured image credit: Caleb Woods on Unsplash