India is a blooming internet economy. Check. Mobile is becoming the first media screen in the country. Check. Smartphone prices and data charges are decreasing. Check. So what’s new? The answer is the the staggering growth numbers.

According to Internet Economy Watch by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB International, a multi-country market research company, number of online visits through mobile in India went up to 20.70 million in January 2014 from 6.31 million in January 2013. The rise was marked at 228 per cent! Looks like now we all know where to our invest our money, right?

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We want services!
Right from searching a suitable match for their daughter to looking for domestic help online, Indians (in selected areas) are seen warming up to virtual services.

The report further states that, the number of profile uploads on matrimonial sites reached 1.96 million in January 2014. The number was 0.85 million in the corresponding month last year. Growth witnessed — 130 per cent y-o-y.

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The number of resumes uploaded also witnessed nearly 100 per cent growth. Resumes uploaded on online job websites in January 2014 were 3.26 million. In January 2013, the number was 1.74 million.

The user reach for job portals is 29.37 million and for matrimonial websites is 18.95 million, with 1166.10 million and 495.08 million respective page views.

Online travel pioneered use of internet for business in India and will always remain among the big daddies. The report states that there has been a y-o-y growth of 180 per cent in online booking of railway tickets in January 2014. Railway tickets booked online in January 2014 were 13.15 million as compared to 4.70 million in January 2013.

Indian government has been very active in making railway booking more convenient and accessible. Recently an SMS service was launched by the Indian government that allows travellers to get the confirmation of their ticket or the status on the wait list through a message.

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The booking of air tickets through internet, however, did not take a flight. Number of air tickets booked in January 2014 dropped to 1.18 million from 1.53 million same time last year. The dip was recorded at 53 per cent y-o-y.

Online travel segment now has a reach of 29.99 million and receives almost 1905.77 million page views.

E-tail trends
E-tail has been one of the most buzzing segments in the Indian internet space. Be it mergers and acquisitions or fundings, e-tail is going northward.

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The report points out that online visit to branded apparels and designer label segments have increased by 113 per cent and 41 per cent respectively. Reach of branded apparels in January 2013 was 7.79 million; the number shot up to 16.57 million in January 2014. In terms of designer label, the number reached 4.37 million in January 2014 from 3.09 million in January 2013.

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Consumers looking for mobiles and books on internet have increased dramatically. The reach of mobile phones searches on internet in January 2014 was 20.7 million and same time previous year it was merely 6.31 million. Books witnessed nearly a five million jump in terms of online reach. Additionally, segments such as footwear and jewellery also witnessed a surge.

Standard of living of the Indian population has increased tremendously in the last few years. The purchasing patterns in the country have changed, making online retail and services nearly as integral as offline.

However, with the increasing competition and rising expectations of the audience, organisations need to come up with indeed different and strong ideas that can touch the pulse of what Indians want.

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