Updates: The article has been updated to include information on soft launch date and the platform’s goal.

NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial extension of the National University of Singapore, announces that its research team has partnered with data analytics startup Wonderlabs to launch TechASEAN, an online directory detailing information about ASEAN startups for easy access to the ecosystem.

According to an official statement released by TechASEAN, the platform was built to consolidate the tech startup ecosystem so investors, startups and talents can tap on the opportunities presented by ASEAN’s shift from being an agrarian region to a burgeoning hotbed for startups.

It uses APEIRO technology as developed by NUS Enterprise and Wonderlabs, allowing data to be analysed and presented more easily, the official statement read.

The platform was soft-launched in July 2019.

“We hope that TechASEAN will be useful to venture investors seeking to invest regionally, startups looking for partners and talents to scale across the region, and various startup ecosystem service providers seeking to build pan-ASEAN presence,” said Professor Wong Poh Kam, Senior Director of NUS Entrepreneurship Centre and Professor at NUS Business, who led the research team.

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TechASEAN said it will store and provide access to a comprehensive and updated directory of more than 20,000 tech startups in ASEAN, containing information on the founders, investors, incubators, technology sources, and other facilitating intermediaries.

It will also explain the connection one startup may have with another that would boil down into added insights for any part of the tech players.

Boasting an NLP engine and APIs, the platform allows for information feeds automation each time members that own profiles update their ends. Communications such as profile updates, event announcements, and press releases will be integrated into the platform.

On the backend, the platform will also give access to analytics about the ecosystems, including a comparative analysis of trends and structures, as well as highlighting the interconnectivity.

Leveraging on its strategic position as online startup directories, TechASEAN also states that it is meant to naturally engage the tech startup community using online surveys and sentiment polls. The findings will then be disseminated back to the community as a way to generate and sustain cross-border conversations.

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Next in the pipeline is TechASEAN’s The Connectors 2019 project, an objective ranking of key influential ecosystem players in Singapore that will be launched in September.

As of now, TechASEAN said that it comprises data of the Singapore and Indonesia economies and ecosystems.

Over the next few years, NUS Enterprise will be extending the coverage to other countries including Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Image Credit: Khendi Lee on Unsplash