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For the 3rd time, NUS School of Computing is organising the STePS project showcase, where students showcase to the rest of the school and the industry as well, many of their cool projects. The event will be held next Tuesday from 6 PM at NUS School of Computing. More details can be found here.

The event will showcase student projects from various classes, and after taking a quick look at the project listings, it seems rather promising. There are location aware projects, as well as several games, and several productivity apps. But what is more inspiring is that a few of the projects are partnered with real world products, and one of them is actually partnered with Protag, a startup working on a lost and found technology.

A quick chat with Dr. Anand Bhojan,┬áSenior Faculty in School of Computing, National University of Singapore, revealed that the school started holding these events in order to allow advanced students to network with “entrepreneurs, potential users and employers.” He also added that they are also using this showcase as a platform to grade the students as well.

Many companies in Singapore are complaining that it’s difficult to hire engineers in Singapore. Well, the school is giving the students a platform to showcase their projects to the public. Maybe it’s time to go take a look?