Image credit: Oculus VR

Image credit: Oculus VR

Virtual Reality (VR) specialists Oculus VR had quite a windfall with the recent partnership with Facebook. Now, the company revealed to TechCrunch that it has sold 85,000 development kit versions of the Oculus Rift VR gaming headset.

Breaking down the numbers, Oculus sold 60,000 units of the original DK1 model and 25,000 units of the DK2 model. The latter model’s pre-order page went live on March 19, so that’s 25,000 pre-ordered units confirmed within 27 days.

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The fast pre-order sales number for the DK2 is likely attributed to the news of Facebook backing up Oculus, thus equating to high expectations and better position for developer sales success with VR.

Developers and VR aficionados will get their hands on the DK2 version this July. Right now, they can pony up US$350 for the kit. Do keep in mind that the dev kit is just a preview before the real consumer version; there hasn’t been any word on that from Oculus as of yet.

Virtual Reality in gaming may possibly be trending in the months to come. Sony Computer Entertainment announced Project Morpheus, while bigwig game-makers EA and Wargaming expressed interest in jumping in.