In the Thai capital of Bangkok sitting at the heart of Southeast Asia, a hotbed for digital innovation is poised to conquer the region’s startup scene. Last 12 June 2019, True Digital Park — Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s largest startup and tech entrepreneurs’ campus — revealed “Work Space”, the workplace and digital innovation development space in the most complete tech ecosystem in the country.

True Digital Park which prides itself for being more than a space, but a lifestyle experience, covers a total space of seventeen acres of land separated into three main areas that meet various digital lifestyle needs. Designed to accommodate both work and daily life, the Park positions itself as a global destination for people in various spaces encompassing the digital ecosystem.

As an integral vehicle for development in the startup and innovation spaces in Thailand and beyond, the park gathers its pool of startups, entrepreneurs, tech companies, investors, accelerators, incubators, academic institutions, and government agencies under one roof — making it a one stop destination for all things tech.

True Digital Park prides itself for being more than a space

The three main spaces sharing the Park are combinations of campus area, lifestyle area, and residential area, making it the perfect place for tech folks from different walks of life to gather in and flourish. This is why whether you are a tech enthusiast seeking to enrich your tech knowledge in an encouraging environment, or an early-stage founder trying to rear your young family in a livable community while sustaining your professional life, or a hotshot CEO looking for new opportunities to collaborate with the best and the brightest, the True Digital Park is certainly for you.

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Situated in the East of Bangkok, right off Punnawithi BTS Station and located in the emerging Bangkok CyberTech District (Innovation District), True Digital Park offers vast expansion opportunities across digital domains and geographical spaces. Furthermore, for better accessibility, True Digital Park is located in Bangkok’s prime areas with BTS access.

With Thailand’s potential to be a digital innovation hub in the region based on key findings from Global Innovation Index (GII) by Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and INSEAD WIPO, manifesting strengths in several categories including market sophistication, knowledge and technology outputs, and innovation efficiency ration, this makes True Digital Park a pivotal game-changer in the region’s tech ecosystem.

“Work Space” as Launchpad for ASEAN Unicorns

In every platform that brands itself as a center for innovation, one can posit that innovation itself must spring at the heart of its basic decision-making through innovative ideas.

While True Digital Park is already a very formidable initiative impacting the tech ecosystem of Southeast Asia on a grand scale, it shows no signs of ever slowing down anytime soon. In fact, as far as innovation is concerned, True Digital Park has been making leaps and bounds to further revolutionize the ecosystem it has come to know by launching its own “Work Space”.

Through Work Space, True Digital Park prepares itself to ignite startup unicorns and support the country in driving digital economy.

Work Space is designed to create an atmosphere that truly encourages knowledge exchange and insight sharing for innovation through its open and connected features. The space also strengthens and fulfills all startups’ needs as well as provides support from partners throughout various stages of their business journey—from business establishment, knowledge sharing by economies and R&D centers, cutting-edge technology from world leading tech companies, and support from related government organizations

Additionally, the startups in the community will have access to opportunities to network with venture capitals and investors, enabling them to have a real shot at gaining capital investments to launch their projects.

Collectively, these factors contribute to the larger startup ecosystem’s completeness, and for startups to operate in an environment that encourages sustainable growth.

What ultimately comprises Work Space are four key areas, namely:

  1. Co-working space: a working space, pantry, and break-out area.
  2. Office space: a large office space with meeting rooms, event, and function areas. The open space architecture is being represented through connected stairs that encourage members of the community to connect, learn, share, and build their own respective communities organically.
  3. Innovation space: technology showcase, academy, and innovation labs reared by a partnership with government agencies, enterprises, and world-leading tech companies such as NIA (National Innovation Agency), DEPA (Digital Economy Promotion Agency), ETDA (Electronic Transactions Development Agency), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Google, AWS, Huawei, Ricoh, UOB, Wongnai, MuSpace, TeC (Thailand e-Center), CP Innovation, and True Digital Academy.
  4. Event and business services space: a complete range of full serviced facilities for meetings, seminars, business services, and government’s one-stop service centers.

Through Work Space, True Digital Park members can enjoy over 400 workstations with well-designed seating options where you can connect anywhere in the digital world via 1 Gbps ultra high-speed internet networks and WiFi exclusively provided to the members.

Members can also enjoy a convenient cashless system at the Park’s lifestyle complex where retails meet nature and technology, including a 24/7 retail space for everyday living.

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Through these facilities and the network of startups, entrepreneurs, tech companies, investors, accelerators, incubators, academic institutions, and government agencies all operating and co-curating one large space, True Digital Park can achieve its vision of nurturing startups and tech entrepreneurs into the unicorns they desire to be, ultimately benefiting Thailand’s digital economy.

Work Space launch at the True Digital Park Open House

Last 12 June 2019, True Digital Park officially unveiled Work Space, sparking important discussion on trends and insights surrounding the future of the tech spectrum permeating Thailand and its neighboring countries.

At the open house, we spoke to Thanasorn Jaidee, the president of True Digital Park, to learn more about the context of Thailand’s tech spectrum as well as future plans regarding the innovation hub.

Jaidee expressed that the main thrust of True Digital Park is to answer all startup needs and help drive the country’s digital economy. The main components comprising the startup ecosystem flourishing in the True Digital Park spaces include global tech giants with plans of headquartering or putting up subsidiaries in Thailand; startups and entrepreneurs focusing on IoT, big analytics, AI, machine learning, e-commerce, creative content and gaming, FinTech, EduTech, TravelTech, AgriTech, HealthTech, and many more; incubators and accelerators; investors and VCs; the governments Startup Thailand Center to support corporates and startups; as well as key business support services.

“True Digital Park aims to become Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s largest digital innovation hub. Under the concept of ‘One Roof, All Possibilities’, True Digital Park is now ready to ignite startup unicorns and support the country in driving digital economy,” said Jaidee while talking about the big idea that ultimately prompted the Park.

Jaidee added, “Among startups and tech community, True Digital Park also collaborates with government agencies, enterprises and global tech giants including The National Innovation Agency (NIA), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA), King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Google, AWS, Huawei, Ricoh, UOB, Wongnai, MuSpace, Thailand e-Center (TeC), CP Innovation and True Digital Academy. It is equipped with full serviced facilities for meetings, workshops, town halls, events and lifestyle activities to enhance work life.”

Among the special offerings exclusively found in True Digital Park’s 5-day open house, Jaidee discussed “TPDK Take-Off: Let’s talk to the VCs” event which was made up of a series of activities at their work space.

Jaidee furthered the discussion by saying, “not only that, we provided free hot desk on free trial, events are organized with aims to help new members experience a new working style and environment while having opportunities to meet with global leading VCs.”

Those activities included one-on-one consultation sessions between VCs and startups and networking events that allowed startups and young tech entrepreneurs to learn and share with each other.

When asked about the unique ways True Digital Park is helping empower startups, Jaidee responded with TPDK offerings that include a VC clinic, funding opportunities for startups, advice and support for smart visas for foreign workers, business consultation, legal and other support services, tax privileges, and connections with educational institutions for the improvement of tech talents. These are only a few of the benefits members can take advantage of.

With all of these features and more, we can assure that Bangkok will ultimately yield some of the best and brightest startups in the region, while offering a home to emerging ones who seek institutional support that can ultimately launch them into superstardom.

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