Leading online freelancing and crowdsourcing platform has recently announced that it has achieved 20 million users­ of freelancers and employers. The company’s users are present in 247 countries, regions, and territories, in both the emerging and developed markets.

Most users on hail from India, the United States, Philippines, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom, while top country sources for completed projects are the United States with 29 per cent; Australia, 10 per cent; United Kingdom, 9 per cent; India, 6 per cent; Canada, 5 per cent; Germany 2 per cent; and the remaining 29 per cent from other countries. has over 900 job categories as diverse as Aerospace engineering, Biotechnology, Sales, Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering.

From’s research on its users, top skills of developed and developing countries are almost alike, with professionals from developed countries mostly possessing talent related to Data Entry, Graphic Design, Excel, Photoshop, and Articles (Writing); while those from developing countries having skills related to Data Entry, Excel, HTML, PHP, and Articles (Writing).

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The list of top skills among freelancers matches the top completed projects by volume, showing a job match in the online freelance marketplace. These categories are Website, IT and Software, 34 per cent; Design, Media and Architecture, 31 per cent; Writing & content, 13 per cent; Data Entry & Admin, 5 per cent; Sales & Marketing, 5 per cent; Engineering and Science 3 per cent; Mobile Phones & Computing, 3 per cent; and Translations and Languages, 3 per cent.

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Founded in 2009, Freelancer owns, the leading provider of secure online payments and online transaction management for consumers and businesses on the Internet. Freelancer Limited is listed on the ASX under the ticker ASX:FLN.

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