Co-founder and CMO of Southeast Asia-based women’s lifestyle e-commerce platform Orami, Shannon Kalayanamitr, has announced her departure from the company.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Kalayanamitr gave thanks to all the people she worked with during her time at Orami.

“I thank my fellow cofounders and management team [past and present], investors, team in both Thailand and Indonesia, and partners for this shared ride. Be proud. I am proud to have been a part of it,” she said.

She also showed appreciation to the women entrepreneurs who have been — and are still  — fighting the good fight for gender quality.

“For the women & LGBTI in SEA – We will keep our mission alive, as I will continue my work with all women & diversity groups all over SEA, Connecting Founders, Women of Worth, Lean In China and Malaysia, Tech Ladies, etc., the UN Women, Prathanadee Organization,” she said.

When pressed for more details, Kalayanamitr, who ran the company for five years, said that she will be pursuing a couple of things, including a Southeast Asia-based tech venture with a social angle. She will also still be working with the UN Women organisation.

Check out the full Facebook post below.