The Japanese subsidiary of French telecommunications conglomerate Orange had announced its first batch of eight teams to join its new accelerator programme Orange Fab Asia. The three-month programme will be based in Tokyo, Japan.

Fifty startups, who came from a wide variety of industries including cloud services, Big Data, mobile apps and hardware, had initially applied. Out of these 15 were shortlisted. A second screening was then conducted to narrow down to the following eight startups:

  1. ABEJA, a two-year-old company dealing with real world optimisation tool using computer vision
  2. Jin-Magic, a transmission control protocol which optimises mobile networks
  3. livepass, a push-based mobile video ad network
  4. Locarise, a Wi-Fi based retail analytics tool for stores
  5. Mashroom, a communication device for touch screens
  6. NetLED, a network LED control system
  7. Pigmal, an audio jack-based ID tag for smartphones
  8. sMedio, a smart device screen sharing technology

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During the programme, the aforementioned eight startups will be given the opportunity to speak to relevant individuals and departments within Orange to “investigate partnership opportunities”. There will be also mentoring sessions from industry experts originating from Asia, US and Europe. In addition, all participants will be invited to present in Paris where they will get to meet top decision-makers in Orange Group.

The first Orange Fab Accelerator was opened in Silicon Valley last March. It is now available in Japan, France and the US.

*The number of startups to join the accelerator programme was inadvertently put as 15, when it is eight. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.