2019 is shaping up to be the year the Vietnamese dragon wakes from its slumber. It has been a leader in Southeast Asian investment to begin the year and at the end of 2018 enjoyed a US$50 million round from Topica.

This is why TOP100 was so excited to host a qualifying round hosted in Ho Chi Minh City this week.

After an acute afternoon of pitching and on-the-spot questions, Ecomobi Pte Ltd and Jupviec were crowned as the two Judges’ Choice winners! They have been awarded a fully subsidised booth at e27’s Echelon Asia Summit.

On May 23-24, they will stand a chance to compete for over S$100,000 worth of prizes.

Ecomobi Pte Ltd

Empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform promises to revolutionise the way everyone sells online.

Ecomobi seeks help e-commerce companies direct sales towards social networks — a golden goose for many e-commerce brands, marketplaces and traditional companies.

Its unique algorithm allows social influencers to monetize their traffic via limitless access to e-commerce inventories and connect with brands instantaneously, optimising both cost-per-acquisition and revenue.

The transparency in performance tracking also enables both parties to monitor transactions and receive personalised suggestions for performance optimisation.

Its pledge to help businesses increase their sales by at least 30 per cent has attracted big-league partners like Shopee, Lazada and Grab.

Currently, Ecomobi’s market is still spreading across the Southeast Asian market, supporting its patrons to garner a diversity of customers from the enormous cross-border community.

While already in cahoots with more than 100 brands and 30,000 social channels, Ecomobi has its sights set on becoming the leading social selling platform in Southeast Asia, setting themselves apart with their big integrated social channels and technology.


Describing themselves as the ‘uber’ for home services, Jupivec aims to become Vietnam’s top home services platform via a ‘for-women-by-women’ approach.

The app offers quality-controlled services like sofa cleaning and hourly cleaning which can be easily tapped on by its many customers seeking to ‘Marie-Kondo’ their space.

Led by CEO Phan Hong Minh, the team of four works hard to ensure a consistent 67 per cent MoM growth rate.

Presently, their services are used in a slew of offices, restaurants and even Airbnbs across eight different cities.

Besides helping out with hygiene, Jupviec also helps impoverished women retain stable jobs to finance their families. They believe that trust, innovation and professionalism are pivotal in establishing a better (not just in terms of hygiene) place for all.

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The qualifiers

Besides the two Judges’ Choices winners, another 10 startups managed to qualify for a partially discounted booth at the same venue. Although they might not have received the regional victory, they still stand a chance at winning the grand prize!

Here they are:

  1. Papaya Insurtech
  3. 689Cloud, Inc.
  4. Buymed Pte. Ltd
  5. Compliy
  6. GODY.VN
  7. AquaGrowGreens
  8. Phleek
  9. Ferosh
  10. Dench Labs

A hearty congratulations to the two Judge’s Choices awardees and the 10 qualifiers! Look out for e27’s next TOP100 event at Hanoi.

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