Recognizing the value of cloud computing for enterprises and consumers alike, Microsoft has relaunched its email service as, which is deeply integrated with its online office suite. has since been named as one of Time Magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2012,” and likewise won PC Magazine’s Best Software and Internet Web App awards.

Microsoft has announced that its cloud-based email service now has 25 million users. Not only that, about one third of users are all reportedly active Gmail users trying for the first time.

Microsoft has commissioned a research firm to recruit hundreds of Gmail users to try The research determined that many of the surveyed users (as much as four out of five) are interested in making the big switch. Among the benefits they cite are he clean design, effective spam-blocking, organization and easy sharing of photos and office documents.

Users who have converted to have also cited an easy transition between Gmail and, noting that the online Outlook service lets users pull email from other sources, like Gmail, and likewise send from a Gmail address — a feature that Gmail users are likely to be familiar with.

Apart from webmail, Microsoft has also launched a mobile client for Android devices, offering email on the go for its users (and likely also attracting Gmail mobile users). David Law, director of product management at, says these are still the “early days,” though, and is asking users for inputs on how the service can further be improved.

Are you one of the 25 million users? What can you say about Microsoft’s new cloud-based email service?

Featured Image Credits : Yep The Blog