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e27 Discussion, My 27-year-old friend wants to get an MBA, is this a good decision?

This person has an entrepreneurial attitude but feels an MBA will help in being prepared when it comes time to start a company 

What exactly is the Malaysia Digital Free Trade Zone and its impact?

The free trade zone will surely bring opportunities, but SMEs will also need to be ready for 2019, as increased opportunities often come with increased competition 

Startup SG names 17 accredited partners for its Founder mentorship programme

The Startup SG Founder programme provides capital and mentorship to first time entrepreneurs in Singapore 

Chairman of investment network AsiaStartups to speak in Echelon Thailand 2017, to discuss the basics of making angel investments

Keenan Kwok of AsiaStartups to speak about Angel Investments at Echelon Thailand 2017. Read on to find out more. 

Tinder rules in Asia, but data shows it is fuelling competition

The fact that the most popular dating apps are largely variation on Tinder's swiping features demonstrates that easily finding dates with a few finger swipes has an universal appeal among young generations 

EarlySalary raises US$4M Series A round, wants to accelerate growth and innovation process

EarlySalary gets its latest funding round from IDG Ventures India and Dewan Housing Finance Corp Ltd 

Chymera provides an immersive ads and monetisation platform to VR developers; secures funding via LetsVenture

Chymera provides a solution to advertisers, who are keen to leverage VR as a storytelling and brand building platform and to earn revenue for each ad served 

How to decide if your startup idea is worth pursuing

If someone thinks the idea is terrible, engage them 

Running an online marketplace? Here are nine must-read books to step up your game

Not every marketplace is the same, so make sure the book is a good fit for the startup you are running 

In the fourth wave of disruption, SMEs present an interesting partnership opportunity

Yes, it is now time to explore ways to work with corporates, but SME business owners may be an untapped pool of angel investors