Can transparency and accountability ensure a more sustainable social media ecosystem?

With the recent uproar about Facebook's data sharing schemes, will a more democratised and transparent social media bring about the change we need? 

Startups are going to run the world!

Welcome to the e27 Tea Talk, where we talk about everything startup ecosystem. 

Investing in design is non-negotiable, and here are 5 steps to an effective design strategy

You need for a seamless, user-centric experience on all platforms – social, website and otherwise 

Bitcoin worth US$3.1M stolen from Indian crypto exchange Coinsecure

Delhi-based Coinsecure accuses its Chief Scientific Officer Amitabh Saxena of stealing Bitcoins from the company's wallet using the private keys 

Everyone talks about cryptocurrency, but the real hero is blockchain

If you look beyond the hype, you will realise that cryptocurrency is the 'show horse', while blockchain is the 'work horse' 

Telling your customer "no" can be the best way to grow your business

Consumers have become jaded and expect salespeople to make promises that stretch beyond imagination. So when an employee explains to a prospective customer that the business is not the right fit, brand credibility goes through the roof 

Hong Kong mini-storage startup buys Taiwanese peer

The Hong Kong startup Boxful has been in Taiwan for a couple of years, but this deal helps add additional warehouse space 

The Jay Kim Show with Drake Sutton-Shearer, the Co-Founder and CEO of PRØHBTD Media

PRØHBTD has become an industry leader in creating videos and content marketing for the marijuana industry 

3 ways the Startup Stack is powering up entrepreneurship in Singapore

By removing the barriers to starting and scaling a business, entrepreneurship around the world is being democratised