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Carousell is finally trying to monetise by allowing users to boost listings for a fee

There is also a non-premium feature that will allow users to bump their listings -- but it comes with a caveat 

GetLaundry launches laundry business management solution to ease work for shop owners

The new business management platform from GetLaundry is completed with POS system and CRM functionality 

Social commerce goes beyond social; It also requires tweaking user behaviour

The true meaning of the word "social" in social commerce is actually the full context of your real life use cases where any social activity is involved 

The most popular app trends of 2017: From marketing automation to doing homework

Move over Snapchat: You should pay attention to these app trends of 2017 

Let’s 'Get in the Ring' of global startups

Get in the ring. Compete local. Go global 

Qupital gets US$2M seed funding from MindWorks Ventures, Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund to help SMEs get through the month

Qupital sees opportunity in its home market Hong Kong, where 25 per cent of SMEs are struggling with unpaid invoices 

Poor business ethics, lack of innovation are key reasons for failure of startups in India: IBM study

Almost 77% of VCs surveyed believe that many Indian startups lack pioneering innovation based on new technologies and are prone to emulate already successful global ideas 

Can decentralisation make for a more robust internet?

The new decentralised stack, by it’s inherent nature, leads to replication of the data and hence it might prevent a single point of failure 

How IPO rejection and founders walking away led to the downfall of Guvera

As a form of accountability to its investor, Guvera pivoted into DragonFli and focussed itself in the Indonesian, Indian, and Chinese market 

Payments gateway firm Telr raises US$3M to scale operations and roll out new products in India, emerging markets

Telr's multiple payment methods like cards and online banking instantly enable businesses to accept and manage online payments via web, mobile and social media