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Awfis on-demand: This app lets you book a coworking space in India

Awfis provides ready-to-use, plug-and-play workspaces that can be booked through its mobile app in real time 

Are you a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur? What's the difference?

And at what point does a freelancer evolves into an entrepreneur? 

Fellowship of the seed: 7 dtac accelerate startups receive over US$1.9M of combined funding

Seven out of 11 dtac accelerate startups have landed investment, which equals to a success rate of 70 per cent 

This coworking platform wants to get Asia's freelancers out of Starbucks

Based in Singapore and Shanghai, Loop needs to get creative with networking benefits, Guava Pass deals and Softlayer discounts 

It’s a BHIVE of activity in this co-working space after a US$1M funding

BHIVE is a co-working space in Bangalore catering to over 150 ventures and freelancers 

Your #ECAsia2016 would be incomplete if you didn’t meet these amazing companies at the Echelon Create Marketplace!

We’ve got more CREATE exhibitors coming your way for this year’s #ECAsia2016, so find out who they’ll be. 

These 3 Southeast Asian cities will have a new co-working space called BIG Work

The regional co-working space was launched by ERC and is expected to expand to 1o cities within the next three years 

500 TukTuks funds 10 new startups, on track to become Thailand's top investor

The company has invested in a total of 20 startups within 10 months of operation 

Juggling family and duty: My road to the TOP100

"Our goal is to help entrepreneurs focus more on their business' core functions so that they can properly address the priorities that need their attention" - Geraldine, Taxumo