A total of US$30 million is being added into Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) digital innovation center in Singapore just one year after its initial joint launch with the Economic Development Board (EDB). It is a continuation of the initial US$100 million the company supplied in the launch, as reported by Business Times.

This new investment is a part of the launch of E-Center 2.0, the moniker used for the expansion project of its existing digital innovation programme with the EDB.

Through the E-Center, P&G seeks to support partners and employees by equipping them with relevant skills to leverage digital technology and solve business problems.

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Some of the funds will go towards its first digital omni-channel retail centre, i-Singapore Digital Omni-channel Center (i-SIDOC). This center has allowed regional retailers to work with P&G to create retail solutions in multi-channel consumer shopping.

The platform will be located with the Singapore Innovation Center and omni-channel store owned by P&G. The funds will also support new supply chain projects and a new team of data scientists.

Image Credit: Media-Marketing