Marino Daily

Marino Daily, an aggregator news site, was created to keep seafarers updated with national and global news while at sea. It collects news from other websites, and Marino Daily CEO and Incubix Technologies Co-founder John San Pedro believes that it will be the go-to site for seafarers in terms of getting the news to them in a quick and easy way.

“This is an untapped market left behind because of slow Internet speeds from satellite feeds,” explains San Pedro. “We created the site to be sensitive in terms of heavy code. We made it lite – a mobile version with no pictures. I think we are the only website with no pics,” he adds.

Because of this decision, Marino Daily has been able to load quickly on satellite connections. Users can also chat with their Facebook friends on the site without needing to go on the social networking website.

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At about the same time, San Pedro was also introduced to Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the wireless unit of PLDT, one of the Philippines’ largest telecommunications company that planned to roll out a Marino Internet initiative that would provide ships with satellite connections.

“The partnership with Smart was timely and we were able to create content that the company was looking for to serve the seafarers,” San Pedro tells e27.

With Smart’s marketing arm, Marino Daily was able to render a round-per-round analysis of the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight for the seafarers to enjoy while at sea. Going forward, it will highlight major sports events, scores and updates.

Aside from the association with Smart, partners in New York also advise the startup on its development work. To date, Marino Daily has developed a mobile app version with patent-pending technology that will be able to transmit and update content despite slow Internet speeds and will be able to accomplish a peer-to-peer caching system, updating content for each user within the same local network.

For the future, Marino Daily plans to add new features such as e-commerce, a job site and forums, so that their seafaring users will be able to access the Internet as well as they could if they were on land. Marino Daily plans that its monetisation will come from advertising and third party partners such as remittance services and payment systems.

Ultimately, the startup aims to provide content globally despite slow Internet speeds and the type of connectivity involved.

“Seafarers, or Marinos as we call them, are the backbone of the world and they deserve to be connected. They need to know current events from the world so that they are up to date with information and able to chat with their family and friends. As for Marino Daily, we want to be the ‘total OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) solutions provider’ for these seafarers, using technology to bring more meaning to their lives,” San Pedro concludes.