has gone a long way since the team’s participation in the Philippines Satellite in 2012. has actually been “TechCrunched,” and the feature gained them a wider audience and increased traction. e27 spoke with founder Luis Buenaventura II, who shared what their team has been up to in the recent weeks.

Improving the end-user experience

Luis said the platform is still nearing completion, although the TechCrunch feature brought new users by the droves. “[W]e’ve had people from all over the world building sites with and it’s been a great learning experience for us. We’re currently growing our marketing team to better promote our platform, especially now that the product’s feature set is close to “completion,'” said Luis.

Enterprise partnerships

Going beyond targeting the consumer market, Luis says is now also partnering with enterprises to offer white-label and co-branded services. This will give these companies’ customers access to No details are being shared yet, but these firms are within the top 25 companies in the country, says Luis, and so we are likely to hear a major update within the next couple of months.

The team admits that there is much to do, in terms of the development roadmap. “We’ve still got lots of refinement to do across the board, but we’re now at the point where we’ve covered the majority of things that a small business web presence needs to have: custom domain registration, mobile-friendly website, Facebook Page tab integration, blogging, e-commerce,” adds Luis.

Challenges ahead

Being mostly developers and engineers rather than marketing people,’s team says the work is a big learning experience, so far, which comes with a big challenge, too. “The main challenge for (or perhaps, me personally) is that we’re a company of designers and engineers, that are now trying to learn how to build a business. Things like marketing and business development don’t come naturally to me,” said Luis. However, this does not mean that he is at a loss as to how to handle the business side of things. “I’m a self-taught programmer so it’s not impossible to learn how to fill those new roles, I suppose.”’s business model is straightforward. Free accounts are a standard subdomain-only SaaS service, and has limited storage. The free service offers access only to the core widgets. Premium accounts (US$4.95 monthly or US$59 annually) get custom domains, 100Mb of storage and access to all widgets.

As for enterprise partners, Luis says it’s a case-to-case basis. “We charge a customisation fee to create a rebranded version of that fits a partner’s brand specifications and requirements, then we provide them a given number of website accounts at a wholesale rate. Revenue-sharing is another possibility here as well.” is seed funded by Winston Damarillo and Global Gateway Investment Group. The team is incubated at Exist offices in Pasig, Metro Manila, as are other startups incubated by Winston’s team, which include Medcurial, Orchestrack, and OMGLabs.

Interestingly, Luis says “there’s a lot of collaboration among our various young startups,” which adds to the idea that working physically together is more beneficial than telecommuting, as Yahoo! is trying to argue in its crackdown on remote working arrangements.