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L-R: Donghee Hong, Nayeon Kim, and Young Kim

Hidden in a quiet alleyway near Hongik University Station in Seoul, the ‘hip’ area where trendy youths hang out, Evernote‘s Korean office – which now acts as the US-based corporation’s APAC office – has an unassuming vibe to it.

While there weren’t any signs pointing to the office on the first storey of a small, nondescript building, it was pretty easy to tell that that particular space belonged to Evernote, the company behind various productivity software and services.

Readers familiar with Evernote would know that its mascot is an elephant – something emphasised in the furnishing of its Korean office – and it really, really likes the colour green.

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Donghee Hong, Market Development, Asia Pacific told me that a lot of the elephant-themed furniture in the office were presents from Evernote users in the country. This elephant, for example, came from one of their users.


Evernote’s elephant mascot is more than just something else to remember the app company by. As the old adage goes: Elephants never forget, which goes hand in hand with Evernote’s business in the note-taking and productivity space.

Hong added that these mugs were illustrated by another fan, who has a penchant for racoons.


For those who prefer thumbing through books and magazines on how to use Evernote like a professional, have no fear.

When I attended Evernote’s regular user conference in Seoul recently, I watched as attendees read intently, flipping page by page as if they were on a quest to find a treasure trove.


Just a quick peek into one of these books.


Meet Young Kim, Customer Support Representative, Evernote Korea. Like most Evernote employees, Kim started off as a power user who enjoyed meeting up with other fans regularly.


Hong and Nayeon Kim, Designer, Evernote Korea, were once just users who were passionate about the app. Now, they’re employed by the firm to grow Evernote’s presence in the country and beyond.


Not photographed in the earlier shots is Dave Jin, Account Executive, Evernote Korea.


Spot the elephants, if you can. Our count: Five.


All images by Elaine Huang.