When e27 arrives at D-Lab, the six-storey building that houses Moxy Indonesia’s head office, the friendly security guy at the front desk instructs us to go to the second floor.

The neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood

Once the elevator doors open, the first thing we see is a small carpeted area filled with bean bags.

My very own little corner.

My very own little corner.

A short walk from the corner is a well-lit open space with couches and bean bags where a photoshoot is in session.

Lights ... Camera ... Action!

Lights … Camera … Action!

“We are sharing this building with other startups,” says Jeremy Fichet, Group CEO of Moxy Asia. “Have you ever heard of Snapcart? Bizzy is also in this building, and there is even Sinar Mas Digital Ventures on the top floor.”

The other side of the room resembles a trendy cafe where people can be seen working on their laptops, having a late lunch, or in a quick catch-up with a team member.

Choose your seat.

Choose your seat.

"I wonder if that is my ojek coming ..."

“I wonder if that is my ojek coming…”

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Moving on to the fifth floor where the office is, we learn that they have only been working in this work space for three months.

“Before this, our office was at Menara Karya, Kuningan. There were only eight of us back then! And we were crammed into this … space,” says Andrew Senduk, CEO of Moxy Indonesia, using his hands to emphasise how small it was.

Happy working!

Happy working!

The team has now grown to 50 people with divisions ranging from marketing to content, and the building is definitely a great fit.

“We are scaling really, really fast now. There are so many things to do at a short time,” says Fichet.

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As in many other modern companies, Moxy’s main office uses an open office plan. One thing that we noticed about the arrangement of the main work space is that there is no corner office and no special room for managers and executives.

In fact, the CEO and the finance team sit together at one large desk.

Senduk nods in excitement about this fact.

Daily inspiration.

Daily inspiration

“If there is any corner office in this place… Well, that’s about it,” says Senduk, pointing at a corner where his desk is.

He then explains how their work requires the team to communicate easily and quickly, and having executives in a separate room might complicate that process.

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We then asked them about any particular fun tradition that the company has to create work-life balance. Maybe a Pizza Friday?

“Yeah, sometimes when we hit a special milestone or target. Usually, we spend Monday morning together to catch up with the whole team. But Pizza Friday? That actually sounds like a good idea,” says Senduk.

Maybe for next week.

Disclaimer: aCommerce is an Ardent portfolio company. Ardent Capital is an investor in Optimatic Pte Ltd, the parent company of e27.