Taiwan Accelerator held their second cohort Demo Day yesterday in Singapore and the companies were diverse, enthusiastic and pitching in a second language (cool stuff!).

For a breakdown of the event and the startups, see our coverage here.

Demo Days are great because they are an opportunity to get together with the community, catch up with old friends and meet new people.

Let’s take a tour!

Taiwan Accelerator Demo Day in Singapore

The event was hosted in Space Mob Ascent, a fairly new co-working space located near one of Singapore’s major universities.

Kevin Yu, the Founder of Taiwan Accelerator, opened the event with a story about failure and overcoming the lows in life to find success and inspiration.

The pitching session for Celaqua, an aquaculture company that wants to clean up the fish ponds in China.

The startups deserve an especially large kudos for standing up in front of a fairly large crowd, in an english speaking country, and pithing their startup in a second language. 👏👏👏

When at these events, make sure to say hi to some old friends, catch up on the industry and learn about tech happenings in Southeast Asia.

Yuan Flavor is a healthy food delivery startup that makes sure all their meals are under 500 calories. Also, the startup is building a network of vending machines so people can find healthier on-the-go meals.

H.E.R.O. wants to leverage our cell phones to build an earthquake detection system which it says can provide a 30 second warning for people to find shelter.

The Celaqua team continues to pitch their company and service at their booth.

Usually at these events, it is inevitable to meet someone new, which means explaining new ideas, and listening/learning to the cool things happening in the tech community.

Unfortunately, our biggest fan, Monkey the cat, couldn’t hang.