It’s a mystical land — the office of dating and matchmaking app TrulyMadly. The moment you open the door, you know it’s a feast for the eyes.

The quirkiness and thought behind the decor not only makes it interesting, but also cost effective, explains Co-founder and CEO Sachin Bhatia.

“Instead of tiling, we painted the floor so it’s different and much cheaper,” he says. Also, there are no cabins in the office, which helps save additional expenditure on decor, he adds.

Founded in 2014 by Bhatia, who was also the Co-founder of travel portal MakeMyTrip, TrulyMadly is a Tinder-like dating app that has adapted to India’s culture to offer different ways to connect.

Though Bhatia terms it as “the Facebook of India is Facebook, the Twitter of India is Twitter, but the Tinder of India will not be Tinder. TrulyMadly is and will be the number one dating app for India.”



White letter boxes and a pretty white cycle are what greet you as soon as you enter, ensuring that the white and green colours that pop out soothe and lift your mood.


Tea/Coffee counter

And if you still require that kick of caffeine, you can always grab yourself a good mug of coffee at the counter which is strategically placed in a corner outside the meeting rooms.

Another corner has been done up in a manner that represents a lounge, making it perfect for casual brainstorming.



The basement of the office is a treat for all the employees — an area where they can chill. ‘Unwind’ is the theme for the area, which also doubles up as a cafeteria and an informal area to work.




Hangout area


It’s hard to miss the big neon sign that says ‘Snack Bar’ to remind you, just in case you’ve forgotten why you went to the basement. Fully equipped with a kitchenette and bar stools, it makes sure that in case of over time, you don’t miss that evening out with your buddies that you had to skip due to work.


Snack Bar

Aptly named ‘Get A Room’ three mini conference rooms divided by glass walls are perfect for small gatherings, and white boards make them suitable for team meetings.


Mini conference rooms


Large conference room

The centre of attraction of the office that seats about 40 employees is the library, representing Romeo and Juliet’s balcony.


Juliet’s window



The work area shows no fuss; it’s simple rows of what Bhatia calls “hot seats”. No permanent seats or drawers — everyone including the founders sit wherever they find space.


Work area