The boom of the blockchain industry in Southeast Asia is showing no signs of slowing. In addition to the development of organisations and solutions built on decentralised ledgers, companies in this region are also starting to eschew traditional VC fundraising for initial coin offerings.

Singapore is one city, in particular, that has seen a flurry of ICO activity over the past 12 months. According to the South China Morning Post, in 2017 Singapore was the third-largest ICO launch hub in the world, following the United States and Switzerland.

As ICO activity expands across the globe, there are more opportunities to invest in the next big coin-based solution. But with this growth also comes confusion, misinformation, and oversaturation of content. While it’s imperative for potential coin-buyers to educate themselves on the technology and state of the market, it can also be difficult to decipher which educational resources and content outlets are worth consuming.

Hopeful investors and coin-backed entrepreneurs can choose from a vast array of blogs, podcasts, and social media influencers to follow in order to better understand the lay of the ICO land. But one pool of resources that should absolutely not be overlooked is ICO lists.

Included below are 10 of the most distinctive ICO lists, designed to help both novices and experts monitor the launches of coin sales set to disrupt markets.

1. ICO Reports

As a rapidly growing ICO listing database, ICO Reports excels at keeping site visitors up-to-date on the latest coin launch announcements and project updates. Each listing includes project details to help potential buyers assess which offerings align most with their investment goals and interests.

2. ICO Charts

This listing database in ICO Charts highlights links to each project’s website and white paper, making it easy for potential investors to delve into the technical specifications of promising projects before committing their financial support.

3. ICO Map

The ICO market is heating up around the world. ICO Map was designed to service any potential buyers interested in investing in regional-specific sales. By scanning over countries on the site’s interactive map, site visitors can learn how many sales are active or imminent within specific areas.

4. TrackICO

TrackICO’s listing database is sorted by calendar date — allowing site visitors to learn which sales are most timely. The list also includes essential up-front information, including listing type, ranking, and whether the sale has been whitelisted or not.

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5. Coingecko

Coingecko allows interested coin investors to not only track and learn more about specific ICOs, but also to monitor the ever-changing valuations of tokens. From liquidity, to market cap, and ro public interest, Coingecko’s easy-to-understand coin chart simplifies the process of understanding the token market.

6. ICOSource

ICOSource produces comprehensive profiles of each listing, including the technical specifications of the project, team overview, and the structure of the coin offering. Plus, the site clearly indicates which projects offer bounty opportunities.

7.ICO Finch

ICO Finch has a sleek design, provides up-to-date project data, upcoming and ongoing ICO lists, as well as independent project ratings. This ICO tracker also shows you the current funding progress for each ICO. 

8. ListICO

Like many listing sites, ListICO includes project details and coin offering timelines to educate potential investors. But, when applicable, the site also syncs project listing profiles with social content and reviews to give interested buyers an ever deeper sense of how influencers perceive this project and coin’s viability.

9. ICOIndex

If you’ve paid attention to the evolution of the ICO market over the past 12 months, you know that a few scammy offerings have made potential investors weary. To help buyers avoid any traps, ICOIndex labels any offerings their team feels are suspect.

10. ICO Alert

If you want to stay in the know regarding the latest coin offering announcements, but don’t want to invest time everyday in browsing listing sites, you can opt in to receive alerts from ICO Alert on the latest launch announcements.

Staying on top of the latest breaking ICO launch announcements is the best way to familiarise yourself with the opportunities stemming from the growing coin landscape.


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