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Great things evolve from ideas; great ideas come from people.

Startup communities all over the world have done a stellar job in nurturing ideas and the people behind them. They have been the source of exponential explosion of new ideas and innovation – many involving the development of new technologies or the utilisation of old concepts in new ways.

But sometimes, the people with the ideas don’t have the time, correct mindset, or the resources to bring their ideas to reality. They have the latent potential to create, but not the ideas needed to catalyse that potential and take their creativity to new heights.

Just imagine: The corporate veteran with 20 years of experience who wants a faster, more efficient way of dealing with routine tasks; the student who has developed an interest in agriculture and wants to work on increasing product yield; the entrepreneur who possesses the skills to create and grow a business but has yet to land on an idea to develop one. Or, on the flipside, you have individuals who are brimming with ideas but do not possess the skills or inclination to start a business.

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Any one of the people above may be the next to bring about global transformation. While the importance of these potential entrepreneurs in innovation is recognised, the majority of programmes available focus largely on growing the idea. Most incubators and accelerators are designed to help the entrepreneur either build a prototype, fix their business model, bring their products to market, or a combination of those in a short time frame.

Building the entrepreneur

For Platform E, the focus is not just centred on an idea, but also on nurturing the individual behind it. With the belief that successful entrepreneurship requires strong leadership skills, fortitude and resilience from the entrepreneur, Platform E takes the long-term approach to groom and support the individual throughout his transformative journey.

Individuals are given access to an entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides them with the resources to build new things, and more importantly the necessary connections and support that would help them grow and foster their entrepreneurial spirit.

Helping would-be entrepreneurs take that first step is Platform E’s Discovery Workshop. Developed in collaboration with My Working Title, the Discovery Workshop aims to arm individuals with insights to decide on whether entrepreneurship is the right path for them. Whether or not they decide to embark on the entrepreneurial journey, the programme aids participants in developing a strategic roadmap and concrete action plans to take the next step in their career.

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The six-hour workshop consists of assessing goals, opportunities, and their entrepreneurial drive by examining personal career insights. Participants are also given one-on-one coaching with a professional career coach, designed to ensure that at the end of the workshop, they are equipped with a personalised action plan that they can utilise immediately.

Makers and Entrepreneurs

Platform E has built an ecosystem that supports the whole journey of the entrepreneur. It integrates the training and equipping of entrepreneurs; incubating of business ideas; the acceleration of go-to-market start-ups through partnerships; and a cohesive 25,000 sq ft co-working space under one comprehensive ecosystem.

Their flagship programmes IntensE (full experience entrepreneurship programme) and IncubatE (modular structure courses) are tailor-fitted to guide entrepreneurs through dedicated mentorship, knowledge sessions, and fieldwork, and supported by a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and enterprises, as well as a co-working space.

More recently, Platform E has also partnered with One Maker Group to provide start-ups and entrepreneurs with a workshop that can bring their ideas to life: Maker Space @ Platform E is a collaborative space that provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources to prototype, build and experiment on their projects.

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From the Discovery Workshop to the Maker Space to its vibrant co-working space, all of Platform E programmes and resources are geared toward building the entrepreneurial mindset and spirit and designed to provide individuals with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and a cohesive environment o make meaningful connections, nurture their entrepreneurial drive and help them bring their ideas and start-ups to success.

Platform E’s next Discovery Workshop will be held on March 2018. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply here. Applications are accepted until February 7, 2018.

Apply to Discovery Workshop here

For more information on Platform E programmes, co-working space and ecosystem, visit their website.

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