Loud Panda Games has recently partnered with BeamAndGo, an alternative remittance service, to offer the former’s avid gamers digital gift certificates.

Through the recently launched Bitcoin rewards system for enthusiastic players of Loud Panda’s newest mobile game Oh Crop!, this partnership will give them a chance to play their way to a plateful of food and other basic needs for themselves and their families.

Oh Crop! players can compete to see their names at the top of the leaderboards at the end of each weekly cycle. This can earn them US$100 worth of the digital currency given away weekly by the Philippines-based mobile game developer. The higher they score in the game, the more enticing the reward value.

Their winnings can be used to provide for their families’ basic needs through the tie-up with BeamAndGo. By playing Oh Crop! gamers accumulate points in Bitcoin which they can then use to redeem prizes from various merchants.

“Through the partnership with BeamAndGo, these players can now spend their Bitcoin on groceries, healthcare, education and other essentials. This is especially beneficial for OFWs (overseas foreign workers) who are now given an option to send something other than direct cash,” said Albert Christian Go, Marketing Director of BeamAndGo.

Marrying fun and practicality

Loud Panda aims to ensure that reaping the benefits of playing games is not only fun but rewarding in the most essential of ways with its unique Bitcoin reward system. The unlikely partnership of marrying fun with practicality makes not only for enjoyment but a helping hand for families.

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“BeamAndGo curates their merchants to ensure that customers spend wisely. Instead of spending on non-essentials, I like their advocacy to build families locally and overseas with their expanding list of merchants in supermarkets and healthcare. They have an expanding customer base [of 72,000]. This is what gamers need!” said Jay Villarante, CEO of Loud Panda.

“Loud Panda Interactive boasts over 30,000 interactive gamers with a wide range of games. We are excited to offer their gamer community our digital gift certificates, so while playing they are actually accumulating credits to purchase groceries, medicines and other basic needs to build their families. We help everyone, [including] gamers,” said Jonathan E Chua, CEO of BeamAndGo.

New players looking to join in on the fun and get a piece of the Bitcoin action can download Oh Crop! for free at the Google Play Store.