Sony Computer Entertainment‘s effort to give power to developers continues on with its recent announcement.

The company that made PlayStation a household name revealed that it will be expanding its PlayStation Mobile Developer Programme initiative to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India. The programme will also expand to Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland.

Furthermore, it will be doing a public preview of its ‘Unity for PSM’ development environment right now. Developers will get to create PlayStation Mobile content with the programme, as well as port iOS and Android build of games to PlayStation Mobile without any additional costs. This is applicable as long as they have licenses for the free versions of game-making engine Unity and Unity Pro.

Sony said that it will continue to improve both the beta and public versions of the engine. The full version will be given to developers upon request when summer hits.

This plan would be a boon for small-time developers hoping to expand their iOS or Android games onto the PlayStation platform. Also, if you happen to be in Japan and are developing games for a living, you may want to check out Unite Japan 2014 (tomorrow’s the last day!)