South Korean game show 2018 Playx4 B2B will be held for the tenth year in May 10-11, 2018, at Hall 6 KINTEX Exhibition Center 2, Gyeonggi.

The main event will also be complemented by a B2C-focussed event on May 10-13 at Hall 7-8 of the same venue.

Hosted by Global Inspiration Gyeonggi-do, the event is organised by Gyeonggi Content Agency and KINTEX.

The game show history’s began in 2009 as Korea Serious Game Festival. It has since developed into GOOD GAME SHOW, and eventually rebranded into Playx4 in 2016.

Playx4 encompasses all of the gaming industry entire field, with the goal to serve as a “bridge” between developers, buyers, and publishers alike.

This year’s event will feature a Game Experience Zone, International Game Conference, and Day & Night Networking party.

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The International Conference will discuss themes such as “The Future of Gaming Industry” and “Global Ecosystem of Gaming.” Speakers at the conference include Mamo Games, Fuller, Niantic, Ustwo, Unity, and Google.

Leading names in global game industry that are set to make an appearance as buyers include SEGA, TENCENT,Garena, Nexon Korea, Kakao, Gravity, Mamo Games, Playground, Quihoo 360, Shanda Games, Beagle, Square Enix, EXTREME, Asiasoft, and

The Game Experience Zone will allow visitors to experience first-hand leading Korean VR/AR games with up to 20 titles already listed for the event.

In 2017, Playx4 managed to gather 23 country representatives, 131 buyers/publishers, 173 developers, with 1,117 business meetings organised during the event.

In a press statement, the event announced that this year they aim to increase the number to 25 countries (from Asia Pacific, the US, to the Middle East), 160 buyers/publishers, 190 developers, and 1,300 business meetings happening at the event.

Image Credit: Playx4