Plug and Play Indonesia third batch during the “Uncovered Innovation” event on Wednesday, August 1.

The Indonesian chapter of Silicon Valley accelerator programme Plug and Play on Wednesday announced the 17 startups that have been selected to participate in the third batch of their programme.

The startups are set to participate in a programme that will last for three months.

Fifteen out of 17 startups had presented their innovation at the Uncovered Innovation event held on Wednesday. In addition to early stage startups, the third batch also included later stage startups which the programme considered “innovative and beneficial” for the Indonesian public.

According to Plug and Play Indonesia Managing Director Wesley Harjono, there is an ongoing shift among Indonesian startups in the past year when there are more startups focussing on building hardwares for agriculture, internet-of-things (IoT), mobility, and sustainability sectors, instead focussing on software and services.

“[The trend] is related to Indonesia’s status as an agrarian country, where there are many things that can be done to help the development of the agricultural sector. At the other hand, Indonesia is also a maritime country where access remains a great challenge,” he said.

“We hope that these startups can help fill up these vacant spots,” he added.

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The following is the list of the 17 startups:

1. Asura
An insurance recommendation platform that allows users to input data and have their profile analysed for the most suitable insurance product. The startup has teamed up with global insurance companies.

2. AeroEnvoy
The startup uses drone to deliver medical supplies such as blood and vaccines to hospitals and clinics in remote areas to cut up delivery time.

3. Teknojek
A ride-hailing service which implements a pyramid scheme to recruit its driver-partners.

4. Bildeco
An e-commerce platform for building materials that offers products for the various stages of construction works.

An chatbot service in Bahasa Indonesia.

6. Halofina
A personal financial assistant that helps users manage their finance and investment to achieve their goals.

7. Gradana
A platform that helps users pay mortgage at an affordable rate.

8. Merapi Tani
The startup helps agribusinesses make better decision by using smart soil sensor technology, intelligence valve, and agricultural analysis.

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9. Resync Technology
An energy management platform that utilises cloud compting, real-time control, and predictive analysis to ensure reliability and efficiency for grid and microgrid.

10. BLH Aqua
The startup specialises in water efficiency technology development. It will start by working in the agricultural industry before expanding into other sectors.

11. Yousolar
The startup provides solar battery and PowerBlock that enables residences or businesses without utility approval (or even utility connection) to receive constant electricity supply.

12. Datarobot
The platform enables business analysts with no background in machine learning and programming to perform predictive analyst of its business.

13. Ceres Imaging
The startup helps farmers optimised water and fertiliser application using aerial spectral imagery.

14. Calty Farm
The platform helps users to connect with dairy cow farmers to invest in.

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15. Pijar Psikologi
The platform aims to educate about mental health issues and help users reach out for professional help easily.

16. Circle Doo
Circle Doo helps students improve learning using video streaming and online meetings.

17. Top Karir
A platform that helps youth to search for opportunities for self-development through scholarships, internships, and job opportunities.

Image Credit: Plug and Play Indonesia