Plug and Play Indonesia with the 10 startups on its first batch

Plug and Play Indonesia announced that five out of the nine startups in its first batch have raised follow-on US$1 million funding from various investors. The five startups are Astronaut, Brankas, DanaDidik, KYCK, and Sayurbox.

In an official statement, Plug and Play does not give further details on the value of investment that each startup has raised. However, DailySocial has previously reported about a seed funding investment round for DanaDidik by Garden Impact Investment.

“We are very proud of the achievements made by the startups in our first batch. Though the accelerator programme has ended, it does not mean that we are done with the startups. We continue on giving support, from consultation, introduction to local and foreign investors, to assistance in partnerships with our corporate partners,” said Gan Kapital-Plug and Play President Director Wesley Harjono on Friday, December 29.

Apart from announcing investments, Plug and Play also announced partnerships between the accelerator programme’s corporate partners and its startups, such as Brankas, KYCK, and Otospector. Brankas and KYCK have signed a partnership with state-owned bank BNI, while Brankas is said to have expanded to Malaysia.

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As for Otospector, an independent second-hand inspection service provider, has inked a partnership with Astra International and Sinar Mas. Astronaut has also begun working with a Sinar Mas business unit in the insurance industry.

Karta, a motorbike-based billboard service provider, has registered for a patent for its on-motorbike advertising space. It has also expanded to eight cities in Indonesia: Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Solo, Denpasar, Medan, and Pontianak.

“We will continue on improving in many sectors. Certainly, we will keep on supporting President Joko Widodo’s programme to turn Indonesia into the centre of Southeast Asia’s digital economy by 2020 … By early next year, we will announce the startups in our second batch,” Harjono added.

He said that the programme is currently finishing the selection process for its second batch. There will be 13 startups from different industries joining the accelerator programme, and they are set to follow a three-month training. He also stated that Gan Kapital and Plug and Play will host two accelerator programmes each year.

The article Lima Peserta Plug and Play Batch Pertama Dapatkan Investasi Lanjutan 13,5 Miliar Rupiah was written by Marsya Nabila for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.

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