Hang around the Bangkok startup scene long enough and you would have heard about Jakob Lykkegaard. Jakob was previously the cofounder of Pagemodo, which was acquired by website creation service provider Webs. Since the successful exit, Jakob is now involved with Pocket Playlab, a developer and publisher of mobile games based in Bangkok.

Other than its existing portfolio of games, Pocket Playlab recently announced the launch of their latest iOS title, Lost Cubes. How does it work? In Lost Cubes gamers have to save the home worlds of the cube population by reconnecting all the natural resources of all the planets. Players can connect all the paths between identical pairs of cube characters to complete each level.

What’s really interesting is that Jakob is now focusing on the gaming vertical, betting on the rise of mobile gaming. With this trend, coupled with an explosive growth in the Thailand smartphone market, mobile gaming seems to be a really exciting space to be in this year.

Check out Lost Cubes at the iTunes App Store and tell us what you think.