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Marco, originally from Italy, has been in China for 20 years, and he has experience in both the manufacturing and technology sectors. A graduate of Singularity University, he authored the book on e-commerce in China. Today’s episode is chock full of trends, statistics, comparisons, and gives snapshots of where China is today — digitally speaking — and where it’s headed.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • What brought Marco to China
  • How China’s ecommerce evolved
  • How China’s digital world compares to that of the US’s
  • Why Marco sees a rebalancing happening between China and the West
  • Marco’s forecast of China’s ecommerce trends

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Links from today’s episode

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Detailed show notes

  • (1:36) Marco’s self-introduction
  • (4:01) Why Marco initially went to China
  • (6:22) An overview of the digital world in China compared to the US
  • (11:06) Jay and Marco speculate on how quickly the Chinese tech market will catch that of the US’s
  • (12:40) How Chinese ecommerce has evolved since Marco’s move to China
  • (17:43) Marco addresses the “power struggle” between the major Chinese digital players
  • (20:36) Marco gives a summary of the different sectors of Tencent, the “Disney of China”
  • (22:57) Marco compares models of developed and developing countries — Alibaba versus Amazon
  • (26:56) Marco addresses the best way to invest in or do business in China and explains why he sees a rebalancing happening between China and the West
  • (33:15) Marco highlights a important difference in marketing structures he sees between China and the West
  • (34:27) The big trends Marco sees on the horizon
  • (39:32) Marco discusses big data and AI in China
  • (42:59) Marco’s current projects