Mohamad Ario Adimas is recruited as Loket's VP of Marketing to Support Aggressive Plans After Acquisition

Mohamad Ario Adimas was recruited as Loket’s VP of Marketing to support aggressive plans after acquisition

Last August, event management and analysis platform Loket announced it was acquired by Go-Jek to drive synergy between Go-Tix and Loket’s end-to-end services. Started with management diversion from Go-Tix to Loket, Loket has prepared a number of aggressive moves that will be unveiled early next year.

To support its vision, Loket has recruited Mohamad Ario Adimas as VP of Marketing. Adimas previously took part in a number of major telecommunications and technology companies such as Indosat, Telkomsel, and Microsoft.

Adimas tells DailySocial that Loket will remain focused on its core business, as one stop solution for end-to-end event system management, such as Ticket Management System (TMS), event analytics, in-event payments, entertainment booth providers, and kiosk management.

After the acquisition, as subsidiary, Loket fully took over Go-Tix’s management from Go-Jek. Despite having B2B channels and B2C channels in this segment, Adimas ensures that they are not exclusive and opens itself to be partnered with other channel providers in this segment.

Adimas said, Loket has a network affiliate system that has been connected with various platforms. It is claimed to provide benefits for both parties, as the platform owner can get revenue sharing, while the event owner will get its event amplified to many outlets.

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Go-Tix to immediately available on desktop

Go-Tix has been known as an extensive entertainment platform, from selling event ticket, cinema tickets, to sports entertainment tickets. In addition to that, together with Traveloka, Go-Jek is currently the primary sponsor for Liga 1 football league. To facilitate access to the platform, Loket plans to bring Go-Tix’s desktop version in early 2018.

According to Adimas, consumer tends to be more comfortable accessing services on a larger screen. Differentiated from other Go-Jek platforms that only accept cash and Go-Pay, Go-Tix also accepts credit card. The combination of both is expected to encourage consumers to transact easier.

The re-establishment of local self-service event management system

Edy Sulistyo, Loket Founder and CEO, was the Co-Founder of Eevent, a self-service event management system, which was acquired by EnvisionPoint in 2013. Despite having switched to a quite different business, Edy is still passionate about this segment.

Practically, there is almost no local event management platform available in Indonesia. Consumers are already comfortable with Eventbrite and Meetup, developed by foreign companies. Although they are easy to use, for paid events, their payment method do not fit with local culture where credit card ownership is very low.

This is an opportunity for Loket to offer a similar platform but with a number of more local-friendly payment methods. The platform is set to be presented in early 2018.

“Loket plans to set up a self service event management system where everyone can create their own event management system. [Consumers] even [can] manage their own paid ticket system with every local payment [system] we prepared,” Adimas concluded.

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