Despite doubts regarding whether a transportation app — taxi or private car booking — will succeed in Jakarta, global companies are launching their services in the Indonesia capital. At first it was Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi, then Malaysian GrabTaxi, and now it’s the San Francisco-based transportation network company Uber that is all set to hit the capital city of Jakarta.

According to Mike Brown, Regional General Manager, Uber, people in Jakarta are clamouring for a great new transport alternative, which is why, it might be just the fabulous time to enter Jakarta market.

There are number of factors that are luring taxi app companies to Jakarta. It being a very big city, drivers often get confused to locate the waiting clients and their destinations. The presence of very few reliable taxi companies including the market leader Blue Bird could be another reason that makes Jakarta a promising market for the global companies.

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The app that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire and offer ride-sharing services will start with offering luxury transport in Jakarta. “Here in Jakarta, we are working with licensed limousine providers to bring the Uber experience to the residents of Jakarta,” said Brown at the launch event in Jakarta today.

Brown added that the cars used for Uber ride are those of Toyota, Hyundai and Mercedes, and will be driven by professional drivers. The vehicles and the drivers’ credentials are inspected and approved by Uber and meet all regulatory requirements for a Jakarta commercial transport operator.

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“Using Uber’s app in Jakarta, you can enjoy the same experience, including a cashless transaction, a driver-rating system, and ETA-sharing function that allows your loved ones or business partners to keep up with your journey’s progress,” claimed Brown.

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Regarding the challenge of low speed internet connection in some places in Jakarta, Brown commented, “Jakarta is one of the most connected cities in the Southeast Asia. Take Twitter for instance, Jakarta has the most Twitter accounts in the world, so we think the infrastructure can only get better.”

To ensure safety of the passengers, Uber claims to have made a rigorous background check on all its partners. Brown explained that Uber riders can even rate their experience after every ride. If, in the rare case, a rider has a negative experience with a driver partner, the rider can provide a feedback to Uber, and the Uber team in Jakarta will take action to rectify the situation or remove the driver partner from the Uber system.

The app can be downloaded on Apple, Android and Microsoft smartphones. Uber operates in over 160 cities around the world, including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Bangkok.