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ProHukum (“Hukum” means “Law” in English), an Indonesian startup providing practice management software to law firms, is looking for strategic partnerships with other companies as they seek to strengthen their presence in Southeast Asia.

Founded three years ago, the business-to-business service has secured top-tier firms such as Makarim & Taira S., Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto, DNC, Nurjadin Sumono Mulyadi & Partners, and Hadromi & Partners as their customers.

Currently, the software latest version, ProHukum 4,  has two editions: Professional Edition which is targeted towards small to medium firms, and Corporate Edition featuring split billing, multi-layered discounts, and intelligent analytical reports for large law firms with more complex billing systems.

The company has recently just set up a development center in East Java  to continue further development of their next version as well as new products for the law industry.

The software, which has won several awards including iMulai 3.0, INAICTA 2010, GEPI Runner-Up and Indigo Fellowship 2011, helps law firms in their day-to-day operations from managing timesheets, matters, documents, lawyers’ performance, billable hours, and finances accurately. Utilizing this software, law firms have reported an increase in revenues due to the ability to accurately log the amount of time spent serving clients and resolving inefficiencies. Simplicity and intelligence are the two priorities envisioned by the two founders, Steven Surojo and Jessica Chandra. They have made sure that ProHukum is aligned with common law practice in Indonesia, something that sets it apart from similar services out in the market.

ProHukum also provides business intelligence reporting capabilities with various charts and metrics to measure the law firm’s performance so work inefficiencies can be revealed and necessary actions will be taken accordingly.The software analyses how law firms perform in the aspect of finance, clientele, associate, and yearly growth. In addition to that, it also supports multi-currencies which caters to firms serving multinational clients.

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Co-founders Steven Surojo and Jessica Chandra

One of the features ProHukum always highlights is the ability to detect possible conflicts of interest between partners as well as their clientele. The software has an analytical search engine for understanding possible conflicts of interest.

Most of their ProHukum’s clients are gathered through existing customers’ referral. On future expansion plans, Steven commented, “Core functionalities of Practice Management Systems are mostly the same whether they are used in the U.S. or in Asia,” hinting to the big opportunities that the company sees. “The difference is in how you implement them,” he added. For the local market, ProHukum has added “specific features that are aligned with common law practice as well as tax regulations”.

Steven also said,  “We are currently looking for more strategic partners and providers in such areas like Internet, server architecture management and hardware vendors among others,” as ProHukum intends to deliver end-to-end IT services for law firms, involving consulting, implementation and support.

ProHukum currently has two products in the pipeline, one is a marketplace service and the other deals with legal analytics, both for the business law industry.