If you’re a company competing in this connected, mobile-centric consumer market, it’s a given that you’ve heard of the power of social media contests to reach out to customers and keep them engaged. Witness the success of phone manufacturer OnePlus in keeping its fans placated even as its device gets ever delayed.

Now, Singapore-based startup JMTVideo aims to make creating videos a cinch for consumer firms. Launched by two Italians Vincenzo De Laurentiis and Giuseppe Tedeschi, JMTVideo’s JMT is an iOS/Android app where daily location-based video contests with prizes and rewards for the users are launched.

In order to win a video contest, users accumulate a “JMT Score”, earned by sharing their videos and getting likes, shares and comments on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. JMTVideo lets users to become endorsers of a company’s brand through their viral videos, thereby increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty.

As a start, JMTVideo will be collaborating with Samsung’s Media Solution Centre in Southeast Asia and Oceania to provide video contest technology for SportsFlow, a news and content app for sports fans that displays a visual stream of sports news and videos from a variety of sources including BBCBleacher Report, BallBall and KICKTV.

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According to Maurizio Barbieri, Samsung’s Head of Sports in the Media Solution Centre, Southeast Asia and Oceania, JMTVideo’s offerings align with SportsFlow’s strategy, connecting fans to the sports they love. “With the combination of SportsFlow and JMT, we help sports fans show their passion and colours,” he said. “Now, Samsung customers have another good reason to use the app, not just for news and videos, but also to show what kind of fan you are.”

After starting its Brazil 2014 World Cup video contest on SportsFlow on June 10, 2014, JMTVideo has reported that more than 100 videos have been received, and that many more are planned to be shown. The contest will end on July 14, with prizes for football fans up for grabs.