Job Relate provides both companies and jobseekers with a mobile platform to network, seek out career opportunities, and recruit seamlessly


Finding a job just isn’t what it used to be.

In the past, what jobseekers needed to do was simply browse the Classifieds section of the local newspapers, look for openings they were interested in, and either call up for an interview or email/fax their resume over. What companies did was similarly uncomplicated; they just posted an ad, and then proceeded to wait for and interview applicants.

While the old method was simpler, selectivity was poor and there was no way to determine prior to the interview whether the job or the candidate is a suitable fit. In addition, companies had no way of scouting out candidates on their own without enlisting the help of expensive headhunting firms. With the advent of professional social networks like LinkedIn, such innovations have improved the matchmaking between job seeker and employer to a certain degree.

Enter Job Relate, a Singapore-based firm that aims to marry job sites (many of which simply list the jobs available like the classified ads of yore) with LinkedIn-style professional social networking. Developed by Titan Enterprise Pte Ltd, Job Relate is a mobile jobs and career site that is positioned as a way for employers and professionals to connect with each other on the go.


Signing in, the user is presented with an interface comprising hexagonal panels, on which are listed functions such as user profile and job searching. A few functions that set Job Relate apart from other Singaporean job apps is the addition of the Events tab, which lists down various business-oriented social and networking events, and the search tab, which lets users search for fellow professionals just as in LinkedIn.

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According to Co-founder Denny Asalim, Job Relate was set up in response to the Singapore government’s introduction of the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF), a ruling that mandates companies advertise their job vacancies on a national Jobs Board for a minimum of 14 days before being allowed to hire foreigners on work passes. His view is that it makes sense to set up a more streamlined, easy-to-use jobs portal, given that companies now need to consolidate applications from yet another source.

Asalim adds that the functions introduced above make Job Relate much more than just a job listing site, where companies like banks and car manufacturers can reach out to high-net-worth individuals directly via events, and where industry players can connect with each other and perhaps ink deals that have nothing to do with recruitment.

The simplicity of Job Relate’s interface belies its potential as a powerful networking tool. In a world where getting a job is increasingly about who you know, both companies and jobseekers would be wise to take a closer look at it.

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