Image credit: GungHo Entertainment

Image credit: GungHo Entertainment

GungHo Entertainment, the people behind the rather popular Puzzle & Dragons which spawned a number of match-three portable RPG clones worldwide (since the game isn’t officially out in most parts of Asia), said that six of its titles are making a profit.

According to a Bloomberg report, four of its titles are making more than US$980,000 each in monthly sales. Apart from the obvious million-dollar maker Puzzle & Dragons, which was downloaded 30 million times across the world since 2012, the other games that contribute include Princess Punt Sweets, Summons Board, and the company’s Ragnarok Online/Odyssey titles.

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Of course, GungHo Entertainment CEO Kazuki Morishita said that the company isn’t going to rest on its laurels, “We need to keep producing innovative games. I don’t think we can be content with the current situation.” He does have reason to press on to making games beyond the company’s match-three meal ticket as the firm’s stock value went down 50 per cent within a year, from US$10.60 in July of last year to US$5.18 this month. There’s a bit of doubt among investors that the company may not strike gold twice.

In related news, GungHo Entertainment said that the company’s future is leaning towards making free-to-play model games work on new consoles like the PlayStation 4.