Qraved CEO Steven Kim and team

Starting off as a restaurant booking service, on Wednesday Qraved announced its new feature and rebranding move as a lifestyle app. The company also announced several strategic partnerships with various merchants and a Series C fundraising.

Qraved CEO Steven Kim told DailySocial that the company aimed to close the new funding by the end of the year, or by early next year, with the goal to support business development effort and new features launch.

“We are going to announce a good news about the company, which is our Series C fundraising [effort]. The funding will certainly be used to add features, foster partnerships, and includes new activities such as football matches and music events,” he said.

Founded five years ago, at the same event, Qraved also announced features renewal that will highlight the implementation of online-to-offline (O2O) scheme, by partnering with malls, restaurants, mini-markets, and payment features.


Qraved claimed to have more than three million active users with 85 per cent of them accessing the service from a mobile device. In its app, Qraved listed around 40,000 F&B outlets; 13,000 retail stores such as Alfamart; and five million Instagram-curated photos.

Apart from Instagram, we also work with LINE Today. In addition to restaurant photos and information, Qraved also owned video channels, using YouTube and the increasingly popular Instagram Story,” Kim said.

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Acknowledging the rise of competitors such as Zomato and Traveloka Eats, Qraved aims to focus on locality, family-oriented content, and “the spirit of nationalism” by including more warung and street food stalls.

“This is in line with our business model [which puts emphasis on] collaboration; not only with F&B outlets, but also with brands, food delivery service, and even payment services in order to accelerate Qraved’s growth,” Kim said.

Promo features, malls, and Qraved Official Account


In order to make it easier for users to gain complete information in just one platform, Qraved added three new features in its app: Promo, Malls Nearby, and Qraved Official Account. The company also fostered strategic partnership with Go-Food, OVO, banks, and other brands.

“With the latest version of Qraved app, we want to help malls, restaurant owners, and other business owners to increase awareness and do promotional activities to reach more customers. The point is, we only make money when the merchants make money,” Kim said.

Each merchant is allowed to personalised and customised Qraved services according to their marketing needs. Qraved is also developing a Location Based feature that brands can use to speed up customer-targetted promotional activities.

“For popular brands such as OVO and Go-Pay, we can help create an even bigger buzz through Qraved Promo, by aggregating vouchers that are already available in each app,” Kim explained.

The article Qraved Siap Galang Dana Baru Seri C, Kini Jadi Aplikasi Gaya Hidup was written in Bahasa Indonesia by Marsya Nabila for DailySocial. English translation and editing by e27.

Image Credit: DailySocial