Clayton Jacobs shares his secrets in his recent appearance in Growth Marketer Academy (Photo Source: Growth Marketer Academy)

Starting out with absolutely no audience in China and growing millions of reach in two years may sound nearly impossible, yet, the leading media platform dedicated to IoT and connected world named as the “Top 100 Website for Entrepreneurs” by Forbes, has done just that.

Clayton Jacobs, the Global Editor-In-Chief is here to share his secrets.

#1. Target for Digestible Value in Your Articles; In Short, Write Short

Content creators often confuse value with complexity, which leads them to produce complicated and unappealing 1000-word essay no one finishes reading.

“Readers spend only 2.5 minutes to 3 minutes on each article, he suggests 500 words is the maximum word count you can go for.” by Jacobs.

Jacobs remanipulated a massive essay no one would have finished reading into 8 easy reads, which collected 100,000 hits altogether.

Value is also commonly misunderstood as virality. Instead of blindly following trends that will die down any minute, Jacobs suggests creators to “invest in longevity”. Use tools such as Buzzsumo to trace trending articles in the past week, find out why they are trending, generate articles accordingly. In his recent appearance in Growth Marketer Academy, Jacobs recommends articles with multimedia content like 90-second videos.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-18 at 6.27.17 PM

“Between a 8-minute and a 3-minute tutorial, which one would you pick?”

Photo Source: Youtube

#2 Collect Active Data

Jacobs started out with a one-way ticket to Shenzhen and absolutely no connection and experience in running a media company in China, yet he managed to promote a “decent growth” of reaching millions of users every year. His secrets? Ask people who have experience in what you do. Build a tight community of loyal users who are knowledgeable in the field and willing to give feedback.

ReadWrite does so by inviting readers who visit the site more than seven times to join a Wechat group, in which they will be sent updates and invitations of exclusive events in exchange for feedbacks. This type of data is called “active data”, when compared with passive data collected by web analytics and surveys, is “easier to understand”.

#3 Tie Your Product to a Problem *That needs to be Solved*

The value of your product must not be created for the sake of being created, instead, it has to be created to solve an imminent problem. Jacobs warned that the internet has been around far too long for readers not to tell an advertisement, which means your product has to come off being genuinely presented.

A way to do this is to lay out the pros and cons of your product and convince your audience why it still stands out from your competitors.

For instance, a product that promotes quality sleep can be repackaged in an article on how technology is changing the way we sleep, as opposed to brainwashing the customers how the product can make their problems instantly go away.

And that’s it for 500 words, now go transform your content marketing game with these three simple tips!