Richard Warke


Richard Warke is a Vancouver-based business executive with over 25 years of experience in the international resource sector.

In 2005, Richard founded the Augusta Group of Companies, a group of private businesses and public companies that includes Titan Mining Corporation and Armor Minerals Inc. in the mining space.

Richard has built several successful resource companies, including Ventana Gold Corporation which was sold in 2011 for C$1.6 billion, and Augusta Resource Corporation, which was sold in 2014 for C$666 million.

After selling these companies, Richard focused on Arizona Mining Inc., and the exploration and development of its Hermosa-Taylor zinc-lead-silver deposit in Arizona. Richard sold Arizona Mining in 2018 for approximately C$2.1 billion, representing a 6,100 percent increase in share price from his initial investment.

Richard also served as Executive Chair of NewCastle Gold before it underwent a three-way merger, resulting in the creation of Equinox Gold in 2017 in a deal worth roughly C$200 million.

In addition to his deep understanding of the mining industry, Richard Warke has experience in the oil and gas industry, as well as the forestry, technology, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. He also has a business in the aviation sector.
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