Image credit: Polygon

Image credit: Polygon

Update: Release month added on article.

Harmonix, the development team behind the popular first iterations of Guitar Hero, all of the Rock Band games from the first to third one, and the Kinect-focused Dance Central games, will be going mobile and free-to-play.

The music rhythm game-focused company talked about its plan to release 14 potential mobile games at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo East last weekend in the United States (via Polygon). The first game on the list is called Record Run, an endless runner similar to titles like Temple Run, Time Surfer and Canabalt.

What makes this mobile game stand out from the rest is that it’s rhythm-based and the player character collects vinyl records. According to Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos, Record Run allows users to bring their own music from their mobile devices to the game. The endless running stages will then be generated in accordance to the user’s playlist.

Essentially, Harmonix is using the procedural generation design from the Audiosurf games and bringing it to an endless runner mobile game. That sounds like a great idea, since everyone up to date with tech has their own playlist to chill to while on the commute or waiting for friends. [Update] The game will be released on a wide scale this May; for now, the game will be soft-launched in Australia and Canada around next week or so.

Harmonix is confirmed to be making the aforementioned 14 games on the mobile space for a long while. Even so, the company has two major projects in development for consoles: Disney Fantasia for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and the free-to-play shooter Chroma for the PC.