Echelon Roadshow 2019 Bangkok
We get it—you’re a budding startup founder with a brilliant startup idea but you haven’t found the right audience to demonstrate your work to. We know exactly what you need, and it’s not a viral meme or a Rockstar social media presence. What you need is to be noticed by the right people, and you already have the right stuff for it!

With the Echelon Asia Summit looming close by, we thought you could use a leg up in the startup scene. By bringing the Echelon experience early and somewhere closer to home, the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Bangkok could be the perfect Launchpad for you to impress the right crowd.

In order for you to truly launch your startup, you’re going to need partners, investors, and fellow visionaries among many others to help you materialise your brilliant startup idea, or to scale your existing startup business to uncharted territories.

With Echelon Roadshow 2019 Bangkok, you don’t only get to brush elbows with people who can help you achieve all that and more, but you will also get the chance to immerse in a network of the best and the brightest in the Southeast Asian tech startup ecosystem where key personalities will be sharing important business insights.

Also, you get to check out your country’s reps to TOP 100 and compare notes on how other startup founders are achieving their success!

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The Echelon Roadshow 2019 Bangkok is part of a series of international stops leading up to the annual Echelon Asia Summit happening in May. It is happening on 19 March, 2019, from 5pm to 9pm at the WeWork Asia Centre, Asia Centre Building in Bangkok.

RSVP to the Roadshow is free, so if you want to score insights on Southeast Asian tech, and more—grab your tickets now!

Tickets are running out fast so visit the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Bangkok page here to find out more details!