Southeast Asians sure love their online shopping. Rocket Internet-backed price comparison website PricePanda today announced that it has redirected over a million people to its partners’ shops since its launch in 2012. There are more than 500 shops partnered up with PricePanda, including Expansys, SENHENG, Lazada and Makanja.

Christian Schiller, CEO, PricePanda

Christian Schiller, Global CEO, PricePanda

“This year, we can expect to scale rapidly and reach further milestones,” said PricePanda Global CEO, Christian Schiller. “We are confident to face new challenges arising from the upward movements in Southeast Asia´s e-commerce market by inventing innovative ideas, better services and enlarging our market share,” he added.

Schiller also talked about the growth of m-commerce in Southeast Asia, a market which sees a demand for online deals.

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Available in Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, PricePanda also released its mobile app on Android and iOS platforms in October 2013 and December 2013 respectively. The Apple iPad is said to be the leading mobile shopping device in all of PricePanda’s markets.

Schiller told e27 that Malaysia happens to be the biggest market in terms of visitors and conversions.

He added, “The conversions rates obviously differ from shop to shop, but generally speaking, PricePanda provides the best converting traffic for online shops in SEA.”

In 2014, PricePanda is looking to expand on a global scale; it aims lead the race for price comparison services in emerging markets.