hong kong

Rocket Internet’s foodpanda, an online food ordering marketplace, has today announced its launch in Hong Kong, even though the localised platform has been around since mid-May 2014.

The company had previously launched in 13 other markets in Asia, and 44 other locations globally, including Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

In Hong Kong, the website is available in English and Chinese, with more than 100 restaurants on board. At a glance, foodpanda Hong Kong has garnered more than 1,700 likes on Facebook and a dismal 15 followers on Twitter.

Furthermore, the firm faces competition from Delivery.com that has recently expanded to the city-state, its first destination outside of the US.

For the record, foodpanda Hong Kong is headed by Chinmay Malaviya, who also manages foodpanda Singapore, according to an official statement.

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