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Chandrasekar, founder of JooJoo (formerly Crunchpad), is working on a stealthy new startup.

Entrepreneurs are known for their resilience to face failure after failure, all with the goal of succeeding some day. Over the past two years, the regional community have been abuzz with news of Fusion Garage as they moved from one failed product to another failed product before finally facing liquidation.

For most of you familiar with this space, Chandrasekar is known for working on the JooJoo, which was formerly known as the Crunchpad due to the involvement of US tech blog, TechCrunch. The legal tussle with Michael Arrington and TechCrunch drew a lot of attention as Chandrasekar and his team decided to go separate ways and push out the renamed tablet on their own. Chandrasekar was also involved in Velvet Puffin, the social networking service that managed to secure a distribution partnership with SingTel and was one of the first Singaporean startups to be covered by TechCrunch.

Along the way, the team, lead by Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, managed to raised a significant amount of funding while delivering products that lacked behind in users’ expectations.

Recently, a close source has revealed that Chandrasekar is getting back into the game and is working on something new. Would it still be in the mobile space such as the JooJoo and GridOS devices that Fusion Garage tried so hard to bring to market? If so, it would seem that Chandrasekar would be bringing with him extensive knowledge from the Fusion Garage failure to help overcome the challenges.

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